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Important University Dates

Table of Contents (Updated June 28, 2022)

General Announcements


Awards, Fellowships, Grants, & Other Opportunities

Current and Former Students, Staff, and Faculty in Action



Important University Dates 2021-2022

If you are a doctoral student supported by a fellowship, or employed as a GSR or Teaching Assistant, please enroll in courses prior to the fee payment deadline to ensure your tuition and fees are processed.




The CIRTL Network: Research, Teaching, and Learning Resources for Graduate Students

CIRTL offers a range of online programming to the cross-Network learning community.  The majority of [CIRTL's] programming is open to members and non-members alike, though STEM/SBE graduate students and postdocs from member institutions are given priority when a program is over-capacity.  This cross-Network programming comes in addition to what [CIRTL's] member institutions offer locally for their own students.  Read more about [CIRTL's] offerings below:

The CIRTL Network Website


Thursday, July 20 & 27 | Where to begin? Developing an Action Plan for Aligned and Inclusive Lessons

Discuss the foundation to strong lesson planning with an emphasis on inclusion and alignment in this one-session workshop. Cap: 50; 5 seats remain.




Division of Career Pathways (DCP) Announcements


"4 key things every PhD or Postdoc needs to know about nonacademic hiring"
July 6, 2022 (9:00am - 10:00am PDT)

Most PhDs and postdocs are familiar with academic hiring: writing CVs and cover letters, preparing writing samples, and teaching portfolios. But what do nonacademic job searches look like? Hiring managers for professional careers have different criteria and strategies for identifying the best candidate for a position. To be successful in your nonacademic job search, it’s important that you understand hiring from a manager’s perspective.

Join the Beyond the Professoriate team to learn how to effectively navigate a nonacademic hiring process. After attending this webinar, you’ll be able to:

  • Outline the nonacademic hiring process.
  • Explain how employers design job descriptions.
  • Describe the strategies employers use to find and select candidates for interviews.
  • Identify resources in the Beyond Prof training platform that can help you in your job search.

Please note: You must be logged into the Aurora platform via UCI's institutional access to register for the event.

Summer Salary Negotiation Series
July 12-14, 2022 (12:30pm - 1:30pm PDT)

This is a 3-Day Salary Negotiation Series taking place July 12-14 from 12:30-1:30 each day. Registrants are asked to attend all three sessions for this series.

Join us as we discuss the importance of salary negotiation, how to create a budget and determine your “walk-away” number, and how to effectively evaluate an offer. If interested in attending, please fill out this brief google form:

Target Audience: Students from all disciplines who are, or will be, applying for full-time positions within the next year
*If you would like to request special accommodations for this workshop, please email

How to Use Aurora in your Job Search
July 18, 2022 (12:00pm - 1:00pm PDT)

Join the Beyond the Professoriate team for an introduction to Aurora, the professional development e-learning platform for PhDs and postdocs. This presentation is open to graduate students, postdocs, staff & faculty. After attending this presentation, you'll be able to:

  • Describe the challenges PhDs face in their job search
  • Identify the resources in Aurora that can help you
  • Apply tips and strategies to confidently begin your career exploration and job search


Virtual: Advanced Resume Writing
July 19, 2022 (3:00pm - 4:00pm PDT)

Get tips on how to improve your resume at this virtual webinar. Zoom webinar details available upon registration.


  • UCI’s Big Interview platform: Students can learn about and practice interviewing for a variety of different industries and positions, including academia.  Below is a link to a flyer regarding mock academic interview prep on Big Interview.  Students can access Big Interview with their UCI email address:
  • If you are seeking guidance on career exploration, UCI has access to 3 great online resources to help jumpstart the process.
  • Workshop & Panel Recordings can be accessed on our website: Webinar Video Library – UCI Division of Career Pathways
  • Aurora by Beyond the Professoriate: The Division of Career Pathways is providing graduate students/postdocs with free access to this career development platform designed specifically for them. Aurora is a professional development tool where postdocs and graduate students can explore career options and learn job search strategies.



DECADE Community Announcements


The Graduate Postdoctoral & Scholar Resource Center (GPSRC) is providing several opportunities for students.  You can schedule a one-on-one appointment with a mentor to help you with your fellowship applications.  Book your appointment here:  Students can also schedule a career advising check-in on AppointmentPlus

DECADE is a multi-departmental collaborative meant to facilitate a warm, inclusive climate for all UCI students.  It is made of student representatives and faculty mentors!  Find your representative and your mentor and connect with them about upcoming events or even joining DECADE!






Graduate Student Disability Support Group

Being a graduate student is challenging- but it can be even more isolating if you have a disability, chronic illness, or mental health condition. This support group is here to support, advocate for each other, and share resources.

This group will be meeting every other Monday, via Zoom. Please contact Stella Moon ( for more information.






What is DECADE?  The Diverse Educational Community and Doctoral Experience (DECADE) program is multi-departmental collaborative meant to facilitate a warm, inclusive climate for all UCI students.  It is made of student representatives and faculty mentors, both of whom work together to organize events, assess/improve the climate in their departments, and maximize cohesion within their programs. 

Please be on the lookout for DECADE events, both in-person & virtual, this upcoming quarter!  Follow DECADE on Twitter (@UCI_DECADE) and on their Instagram for updates on programs and events!  Sign up for the listerv to make sure you don't miss a thing! 

Don't know your DECADE mentor? Use this link and locate the mentor that belongs to your program or school:


PIVOT - UCI's Funding Database and Other Search Tools

Please take a moment to explore UCI OIR's funding search tools, including the Proquest Pivot funding opportunities database.  Proquest's Pivot database is a powerful tool for sorting funding opportunities relevant to you!



Social Ecology Graduate Student Association (SEGSA) Announcements

Check back for SEGSA news!


Wellness Initiative in Social Ecology (WISE) Graduate Student Announcements

The SE Wellness Initiative (WISE) is a Social Ecology program to support student wellness led by Jocelyn Lai, a 4th year Psych Science student. WISE kick-started its efforts just in the past academic year. While they have a wonderful team of undergraduates leading undergraduate efforts, they are hoping to really expand their graduate efforts and work collaboratively with existing student resources on campus.  For more information, please visit their website at!





As a reminder, an overview of graduate student-related services are available on the Associated Graduate Student (AGS) page.

Phong Luong, Psy.D - Phong is the grad student counselor. He is helpful with navigating areas (e.g., self-advocating for your wellness at the university level). Phong can also help with communication and conflict with your faculty advisor(s). If you also don't know where to start, Phong is just a great person to talk to.

UCI Counseling Services - Here is a PDF file on how to navigate different options for counseling services. If you're feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to start, you can call (949-824-6457) and they can help set-up an in-take/initial assessment to figure out what services might best fit your needs. 

Long-term Therapy - You can access the UCI Shrink Space to look for nearby providers who take student insurance (Anthem), or go to the Anthem website to search for providers. If you find a provider who is taking new clients, you'll need to inform the student health insurance via phone or email (949-824-2388; before your first scheduled appointment. Here is a brochure to help figure out the procedure of finding a provider. I want to emphasize that for 2021-2022, we DO NOT need to pay co-pay and counseling services/long-term therapy should be fully covered under graduate insurance. 


Associated Graduate Student (AGS) Health & Wellness

Basic info on counseling and accessing health services on campus. Check out their website if you are interested in the Associated Graduate Students/being involved.

UCI Basic Needs [Link to the sites are in the title]
  • FreshHub Life Skills Workshop - Virtual cooking workshops every even week Thursday 2-3pm (Week 6, 8, 10)! Their workshop series also covers interesting ways to make new dishes with what's available in your pantry.
  • Diaper Bank - FRESH has a partnership with the Community Action Partnership of Orange County (CAPOC). The Diaper Bank at the FRESH Hub provides student parents with a monthly supply of diapers or pull-ups.
  • Short-term Emergency Transportation - Students may apply for short-term transportation support for any of the following areas: medical and mental health appointments, grocery store access, transportation issues (ex. car repair), other transportation needs.
  • Food Pantry - The UCI Food Pantry at FRESH provides emergency food and toiletries to UCI students experiencing basic needs insecurities. Details about registering or accessing are on the website linked in the title.
  • CalFresh - CalFresh is a nutritional assistance program by the USDA. For more details on eligibility and applying, the Basic Needs site offers FAQs as well as appointments to ask about details. 


Annual Graduate Career Week Resources

Thank you to all who signed up for our career events and all of those who attended our workshop!

Slides for the workshop, "Setting Yourself up for Career Success," are available for download here.

You may also access the workshop recording at:


Virtual Student Visit Time with Graduate Division Leadership

All times Pacific and all meetings at this link:

Please stop by if you want to check in, need help, want to share your ideas, or anything else!

Associate Deans Jaymi Smith ( and Rodrigo Lazo ( will not have office hours during the summer, but please feel free to reach out to either of them to schedule an appointment.

Dean Hayes will have office hours once per week throughout the summer. Check back for dates and times!


Fulbright: Getting Started and Understanding the UCI Internal Process

Join Dr. Kayleigh Anderson-Natale to go over the Fulbright application internal process at UCI, as well as strategies for developing strong application materials.

Fri, Jul 15, 2022, 11 AM – 12 PM PDT

Register here


International Coffee Hour (ICH)


Center for Student Wellness & Health Promotion Events

We're Open During the Summer

All our services will still be offered during the summer months, so stop on by and grab some condoms, or take a moment to catch some Zen in our Wellness Room. We also offer 1-on-1 consultations in our topic areas if you need someone to talk to.



Call for UCI Initiative to End Family Violence Graduate Student Fellows (APPLICATIONS DUE: 6/20/2022)

The mission of the UCI Initiative to End Family Violence (IEFV) is to solve the problems of family violence and gender-based violence by uniting the expertise of university and community partners in collaborative research, education, and clinical responses to abuse.

IEFV Graduate Student Fellowships support graduate students whose research has the potential to prevent, intervene in, or end family violence or gender-based violence.

UCI graduate students are eligible to apply. IEFV Graduate Student Fellows will each receive up to $3,000 to support their research or conference travel expenses (for the presentation of research regarding family violence or gender-based violence). IEFV Graduate Student Fellowships are intended to supplement, not replace, any funding that students may already be receiving. Click here for more information:

Application deadline is Monday, June 20 at 5 pm PT.


Introducing UC Immigrant Legal Services Center

The UC Immigrant Legal Services Center provides free immigration-related legal services to students (undocumented or otherwise), as well as their immediate family members (spouse, siblings, children, and parents). These services are free of charge. The UCI branch of the UC Immigrant Legal Services Center is located on the fourth floor of the Student Center South building, also known as the RISE Suite. For clarification on any of the services or if emergency legal assistance is needed, students can email the campus attorney Lucero Chavez Basilio at  or reach her by phone at 530-400-2062. Students can also make appointments for immigration relief screenings with the following link

  • Initial DACA applications: we will prepare and submit new applications but immigration has indicated that they will not process them until ongoing litigation is resolved.
  • DACA Renewals: If you have DACA and your current work permit expires five months from now, please schedule an appointment to renew, there may be funding available to cover the filing fee if you are a current student.
  • To book an appointment visit:
  • For general information on Initial DACA Applications, Advance Parole, and Employment-Based Options for immigration, check out the webinars on our website:
  • International Student? Reach out to the International Center
  • Important Note: Even though certain controlled substances are legal in CA, they remain illegal under federal law and are UNSAFE for non-citizens.



FRESH Basic Needs Hub Intake Survey

FRESH Intake Survey


CA COVID-19 Rent Relief Program




Graduate Student Award for Best Paper on International Cooperation (NOMINATIONS DUE: 5/28/2022)

The Etel Solingen Award for Outstanding Paper in International Cooperation welcomes nominations from any school and discipline at UCI bearing on some aspect of international cooperation. Nominations are welcome from biological sciences, addressing transnational sources and effects of the Covid-19 epidemic or other aspects of international health cooperation; or from Earth Systems Sciences, on global environmental cooperation (or lack thereof); from informatics, on transnational dimensions of cyber-security or other topics; on global supply chains from the Merage School or related interdisciplinary research; and an array of other topics from engineering to the arts.

For further details on the award, please see


American Council of Learned Societies Announces Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Innovation Fellowship Program

The American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) is pleased to announce the launch of the Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Innovation Fellowships, a new program designed to support emerging scholars as they advance bold and innovative research in the humanities and interpretive social sciences. The program is made possible by a grant from the Mellon Foundation.

The Dissertation Innovation Fellowship program will make awards to doctoral students who show promise of leading their fields in important new directions. The fellowships are designed to intervene at the formative stage of dissertation development, before writing is advanced, and provide time and support for emerging scholars’ innovative approaches to dissertation research – practical, trans- or interdisciplinary, collaborative, critical, or methodological. The program seeks to expand the range of research methodologies, formats, and areas of inquiry traditionally considered suitable for the dissertation, with a particular focus on supporting scholars who can build a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable academy.

Each awardee will receive a $40,000 stipend for the fellowship year, as well as access to funding for research, travel, training, and other professional development activities. The award also supports additional mentorship for fellows, offering a stipend for external mentors who can bring critical perspectives to fellows’ projects. ACLS will also facilitate cross-cohort networking among fellows and advisors.

ACLS will begin accepting applications for the new Dissertation Innovation Fellowship in July 2022, with an application deadline in late October 2022. ACLS will host a series of webinars over the coming months and through September of this year.

Learn More About the Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Innovation Fellowship and Sign Up for Updates


Student Writing Retreat for Critical Refugee Studies (APPLICATIONS DUE: 6/14/2022)

The Critical Refugee Studies Collective (CRSC) invites applications for participation in a 3-day writing retreat (August 8 -10, 2022) for PhD students currently enrolled at any University in the U.S. in the Social Sciences or the Humanities whose research engages with the figure of the refugee. We will also accept MA students who have a clear research agenda. We seek interdisciplinary projects that engage diverse historical and geopolitical contexts, that are grounded in in-depth historical and community research, and that convey the richness and complexities of refugees’ social, cultural, and political practices.

The workshop is intended for students who are developing their dissertation proposals or currently engaged in writing a dissertation. Participants will have an opportunity to discuss their work and secure feedback from CRSC faculty and fellow students, with an emphasis on developing research methods, building theoretical frameworks, and improving writing skills. This program will include project presentations, faculty-led colloquia, and professional development workshops. All sessions will be conducted through Zoom and will require registration.

To apply: Please send an application package to Professor Anita Casavantes Bradford (Chicano/Latino Studies & History) at that includes: a CV and a 5-page research proposal. The deadline to apply is June 14, 2022.


Virginia Tech’s Presidential Postdoctoral Fellowship

Virginia Tech has launched a new Presidential Postdoctoral Fellowship program that will prepare postdocs for the next step in their careers, providing a two-year appointment with nationally competitive salaries and benefits.
There are three proposal review cycles in 2022, with proposals due for review May 15, July 15, and Nov. 15. The program will continue in 2023 with cycle application dates to be determined. Fellowships will be awarded in two tracks, each welcoming diverse applicants from various fields.

Click here for more information and to apply: 


Register for Aurora by Beyond the Professoriate

The Division of Career Pathways is providing graduate students/postdocs with free access to a career development platform designed specifically for them called “Aurora by Beyond the Professoriate”! Beyond the Professoriate’s e-learning platform, Aurora, is a professional development tool where postdocs and graduate students can explore career options and learn job search strategies. Through the two programs of study (Academic Careers and Professional Careers), students are empowered to make informed decisions about their career path and learn successful job search strategies from other PhDs. To log in simply visit Aurora, select University of California- Irvine, and enter your UCInetID.

Aurora benefits grad students/postdocs by:

  • Supporting career exploration
  • Providing accessible, well-curated resources for busy graduate students
  • Promoting engaging learning through reflective activities that encourage students to apply what they’ve learned
  • Offering recorded seminars, reflective prompts, and assessments that guide the student experience and foster user engagement. 

Aurora is hosting 4 summer events that are free for our students, postdocs, staff, and faculty. Registration for these events is available directly on the platform: Past events are available for replay. 

June 10th | 9am PT | How to answer, “What can I do with my PhD?”

June 15th | 9am PT | 3 common mistakes PhDs make when starting their job search

July 13th | 9am PT | Going on the academic job market this fall? Here’s what you need to know

August 17th | 9am PT | How to write an academic CV

For questions, contact the Division of Career Pathways at


Research Justice Shop Postdoctoral Scholar

Next review date: Wednesday, Jun 22, 2022 at 11:59pm (Pacific Time). 
Apply by this date to ensure full consideration by the committee. 
Final date: Monday, Aug 15, 2022 at 11:59pm (Pacific Time) 
Applications will continue to be accepted until this date, but those received after the review date will only be considered if the position has not yet been filled.

About Us
The Research Justice Shop (RJS), co-founded in 2018, seeks to transform research practices to be more inclusive by facilitating equitable collaboration between the university and the communities most impacted by our collective social and environmental problems. As such, the RJS contributes to UC Irvine’s aspiration to be a Minority Thriving Institution, a great partner to Orange County’s diverse communities, and at the forefront of interdisciplinary, cutting-edge research. RJS trains individuals and organizations in research justice and community-based research methods; we consult on and implement community engagement strategies and conduct research projects that use community-based research methods such as participatory action research and photovoice; we also study community-campus partnerships and the pedagogy of engaged scholarship.

The RJS strives to foster a working environment and approach that reflects our values and welcomes and respects multiple perspectives, backgrounds, and life experiences including in terms of race, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, religion, veteran status, socioeconomic status, disability, and justice system involvement. RJS is committed to interdisciplinarity; therefore, we encourage applicants from all disciplines to apply. For more information about the Research Justice Shop visit:

About the position
The Research Justice Shop is hiring a postdoctoral scholar focused on the practice, pedagogy, and communication of community-based research. RJS research aims to provide insights into models and practices for community-campus partnerships by asking: what resources, infrastructure, and capacities sustain community-campus partnerships to work across disciplines and support the production of research that both enacts and addresses social and environmental justice and university commitments to serve minoritized populations (e.g. Hispanic, Black, Asian American, Native American, Pacific Islander)? RJS pedagogy aims to teach and train scholars at all levels (undergraduate to professors) in the practices that support equitable collaboration between the university and the people most impacted by the problems being studied.

● The postdoctoral scholar will work with RJS co-directors to refine, augment, and implement the RJS graduate student curriculum during the 2022-23 academic year.
● The postdoctoral school will support an RJS faculty engagement study by co-developing and implementing activities and events for faculty interested in developing skills and relationships in community-based research.
● The postdoctoral scholar will publish articles on community-based research pedagogy and ongoing RJS research in peer-reviewed journals, as well as publishing in practitioner and public facing venues.
● The position is 100% FTE/average 40 hours per week.

For detailed information about the position and application instructions, please see the Call for Applications

Applications should be submitted online at


Employment Opportunity: CSU Monterey Bay Faculty Director of Service Learning (Associate or Full Professor)

A note from Dr. Seth S. Pollack, Former Director and Professor, Service Learning Institute, California State University, Monterey Bay:

Greetings Colleagues,

I am writing to let you know that after twenty-five years as Faculty Director of the Service Learning Institute at California State University, Monterey Bay, I will  be leaving CSUMB at the end of this month and beginning my next chapter --retirement!

CSUMB will be conducting a national search for a new Faculty Director of Service Learning (Associate or Full Professor).  The position will be posted shortly, so stay tuned.  Applications will be collected over the summer.  The Search Committee will then re-convene in September.  For more information about the position and the search process, please contact:

Dr. Pamela Motoike, Professor of Service Learning
Service Learning Institute
CSU Monterey Bay

Though I will be leaving CSUMB, I will continue to be active in service learning, social justice and civic engagement work in higher education.  I look forward to having more opportunities for connection and collaboration with this amazing group of committed educators in the years ahead.  

It seems beyond obvious, but it is still important to state: Our work is more important today than ever!

In service,



Employment Opportunity: GSR position with Grad Division Communications/Marketing

The Graduate Division is looking for a current graduate student to work with our Communications team! This Communications/Marketing GSR position will be helping with graphic design, digital marketing, and CRM campaigns. This GSR position is a 50% position, and it is eligible for full fee remission!

For more information, visit:


Employment Opportunity: Graduate Student Peer Career Educator with Division of Career Pathways

The Division of Career Pathways has posted a position for a Graduate Student Peer Career Educator. Check out more details on Handshake


Research Participation Opportunity: Stress Management & Student Wellness

Dr. Judith Borghouts, from the School of Medicine, is part of a new research study that is offering free access to the Headspace app to support student well-being. Students will also receive up to $65 in Amazon gift cards for their participation. This study looks to explore how students may be better supported in managing stress through digital programs. If you are interested in participating, you can a) look at this flyer for more information, and b) use this form to complete the screening/eligibility survey.


Research Participation Opportunity: Mental Health Mobile App Study

UCI's School of Nursing has embarked on a NIMH-funded research study to try and develop a mobile app for college students struggling with mental health. The School of Nursing asks you to complete a short survey online, download this prototype application, and interact with it for a handful of weeks to help this team develop this mobile application. Students are eligible if they: a) are an undergraduate/graduate student at UCI, b) are between 18-30 years old, c) have experienced a low or depressed mood for at least two weeks, and d) speak/understand English. Participants will be compensated with Amazon gift cards as they hit different milestones in the project!

Download the flyer


AGS End-of-the-Year Pool Party (6/4/2022)

As an appreciation for all your support throughout the years, AGS is inviting all UCI graduate students to their end-of-the-year pool party. This event will be taking place on Saturday, June 4, from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., at ARC Pool. BBQ and beverages will be provided, as well as three hours of photo booths, live music, and raffles! 

All free for current UCI graduate students! Why? Because you are simply amazing!

Plus one and your own kid(s) are welcomed!

Pool attire is not required. You do not need to get into the water to have lots of fun!

RSVP through this link so AGS can get an accurate head count:


Visit UCI's new Meditation Space

The Student Center Board of Advisors voted in support of a student proposal promoting the holistic wellness of the UCI community. With broad support guided by the university’s philosophy of developing the whole student and for keeping UCI well, a new Meditation Space has been designated an unplugged zone for quiet reflection.

The space complements the serenity of nearby Thomas & Lillian Ma Garden Study Atrium without everyday distractions, noise, conversation, or electronics. Electrical outlets have been removed as an invitation for students, faculty, and staff to make time in a productive day for self care, contemplation, meditation, reflection, or prayer.

Location: Level 1 · Room C138 (Located opposite the Courtyard Study Lounge near the Thomas & Lillian Ma Garden Study Atrium)

Hours: Open every day: 7:30 a.m. – 11:30 p.m. Closed during University holidays


Win $100 Amazon Gift Card by filling in the Graduate Entrepreneurial Survey

Are you working on a great idea? Do you see business potential in your research? Do you want to be an entrepreneur?
At the UCI AnTrepreneur Center, we are striving to help graduate students to become entrepreneurial leaders and create the next unicorn. To do this, we need your help. By taking part in the Graduate Entrepreneurial Survey, you will help us better understand the entrepreneurial awareness of graduate students at UCI, and to create programs and events that better serve you.
As a bonus, the following prizes will be awarded randomly to students who complete the survey. So click on the link below!
$100 Amazon Gift Card X1
$50 Target Gift Card X2
$20 Starbucks Gift Card X5
Click here to participate:


Current and Former Students, Staff, and Faculty in Action

2022 Tom Angell Mentoring Fellowship Winners

Congratulations to our 2022 Tom Angell Mentoring Fellowship winners! Each year, this award recognizes one graduate student, postdoc, and faculty member who have gone above and beyond their normal duties to embrace and amplify the importance of mentorship. All three of these individuals are wonderful mentors and great ambassadors for the School of Social Ecology and UCI. The three awardees are:

  • Graduate Student Awardee: Gabe Rosales, Criminology, Law & Society
  • Postdoctoral Scholar Awardee: Dr. Kelly Kazmierski, Psychological Science
  • Faculty Awardee: Dr. Brandon Golob, Criminology, Law & Society

The review committee was very impressed by the work of all of the nominated individuals and was excited by the outstanding mentoring being done across the campus. All awardees and nominees have been invited to Mentoring for Achievement and Excellence, a mentoring recognition event hosted by the Office of Inclusive Excellence on March 1.

Sara O'Connor, PhD Candidate in Urban and Environmental Planning and Policy, recently authored an online op-ed for UC Berkeley's Human Rights Center entitled, "Seeds of Authoritarianism in America: Recognizing the Warning Signs." The Human Rights Center’s medium covers research, investigations, and action related to human rights and technology, health, law, journalism, business, social science, and more. Congratulations, Sara!

Genia Nizkorodov (PhD, Social Ecology 2020; MA, Social Ecology 2017) recently provided an update on her activities:

This year, I was selected as a finalist for the AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellowship, a highly competitive fellowship which places [predominantly STEM] PhDs in federal agencies to assist with pressing policy issues. I will be hosted by USAID as an Environment and Climate Justice Advisor for the 2021-2022 fellowship year. My role will be to holistically integrate considerations of social equity, climate resilience, and broader environmental considerations into the activities of the Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance. This is exactly the kind of applied work I envisioned doing after my Social Ecology, and I am so excited for this opportunity. They released a blurb about current fellows [recently] on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin:

Genia Nizkorodov- USAID-BHA post

The fellowship actually began in September, but I will be starting the position in January at the end of my maternity leave. My son, Nikolai (Niko) was born on October 1st. It's been a very busy and exciting time.

On a final note, the book that I've spent the last few years developing with Richard Matthew and his colleague, Crystal Murphy, is finally in the final stages of production. I was the lead point of contact and coordinator for the book, and this project feels like completing a second dissertation.

We wish you continued success in your life and career, Genia!

Congratulations to our 2021-2022 Graduate Award Winners!