2020 NSF GRFP & Ford Feedback Form


Use the form below to obtain feedback on your essays for your NSF GRFP and/or Ford Foundation application(s). Please submit a NEW entry for each fellowship to which you are applying. You will receive comments via email from two review committee members within TWO BUSINESS DAYS of submitting this form.

Please take note of the deadlines below: 

1) NSF GRFP - last date to submit materials for feedback is October 16; application deadline - October 22

2) Ford Foundation Pre-Doctoral - last date to submit materials for feedback is December 11; application deadline - December 17 

3) Ford Foundation Dissertation - last date to submit materials for feedback is December 4; application deadline - December 10 

If you require assistance with a fellowship not listed on this form, please visit the Graduate and Post-doctoral Scholar Resource Center.

For questions or concerns regarding this form, please email Assistant Director of Graduate Affairs, Irice Castro (irice.castro@uci.edu).

Example: PhD Psychological Science, BA Criminology, Law & Society, etc.
Save your file in this format: lastname_firstname_fellowship (smith_jane_ford pre-doctoral)
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Allowed file types: doc docx.
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