Frequently Asked Questions





Q. Do I need the GRE exam?

A. Regardless of whether you've taken the GMAT or LSAT, the GRE is required. GRE scores are good for 5 years; the exam must be repeated if scores are older. Only the general exam is required, we do not require a subject exam.  Please use the GRE code for UCI: 4859

Q. My undergraduate degree is not in the same area as the graduate degree in which I am interested, can I still apply?

A. In general, you can still apply. But you should refer to the websites for the individual departments for additional information with regard to this question. To be competitive for admission some of our degree programs require a solid background in specific academic areas. Overall it is helpful if you have taken courses in social science statistics and have some research experience.

Q. Can hard copies of my letters of recommendation be submitted?

A. Starting from the Fall 2019 admission cycle, paper letters of recommendation will no longer be accepted. Letters of recommendation must be uploaded online.

Q. May I submit more than three letters of recommendation?

A. You must submit at least three letters of recommendation, but no more than five. In most cases, faculty or academic sources are preferred. Professional letters of recommendation may be appropriate for programs like the Master of Advanced Study in Criminology, Law & Society and the Master of Legal & Forensic Psychology.

Q. Does the School require a writing sample with my application?

A. A writing sample is not required.



Q. Where can I get more information about the PhD in Psychological Science (formerly, Psychology and Social Behavior)?

A. You are welcome to review the FAQ page of the PS program. You can also contact us to discuss your specific concerns.

Q. Where can I get more information about the Master of Legal & Forensic Psychology program?

A. You are welcome to review the FAQ page of the MLFP program. You can also contact us to discuss your specific concerns.



Q. How can I request that my student loans be deferred?

A. Please contact UCI's Registrar's Office, as this is the department responsible for loan deferment verifications

Q. I've completed graduate-level coursework at a previous institution.  Can I waive any of my program requirements?

A. It depends.  Please consult your program's Graduate Coodinator or Assistant Director.

Q. Is it possible to enroll in courses at another UC?

A. Yes.  Graduate students in state-supported programs may enroll in courses at another UC if there is a legitimate educational purpose not available at UCI.  The UC Intercampus Exchange Program petition form is available on the Graduate Division website.  Please note, your eligibility requires support from both your UCI program, and the host UC.

Q. Can I enroll part-time?

A. It depends.  It is the expectation of the School of Social Ecology that graduate students are enrolled full-time (12 units) for the entirety of their program.  In rare cases, some graduate students are permitted to enroll part-time.  UCI's Registrar has a list of allowable reasons for part-time study

Q. What are the requirements for In-Absentia status?

A. Doctoral students, who have advanced to cadidacy for the Ph.D., may apply for in-absentia status only if their research requires them to be outside of Southern California.  Relocation for personal reasons is not an allowable reason for in-absentia status.  We strongly encourage doctoral students to review the in-absentia FAQs available through the Graduate Division, where the registation form can also be found. 

Q. What is Filing Fee, and how do I know if I'm eligible?

A. Students who have completed all requirements for a graduate degree and are ready for the formal submission of their thesis or dissertation, or the final, formal examination, may petition for a filing fee quarter.  Please note that there are several limitations on university services while on filing fee.  Additionally, if you do not complete your degree while on a filing fee, please consult with your department on registration requirements for the subsequent quarter.  See UCI Graduate Division's Academic Policies for additional information, or contact us.

Q. How do I file for a Leave of Absence?

A. Students who are in good academic standing may apply for a leave of absence.  Leaves are approved for up to one year (3 quarters) at a time. 

Q. I'd like to withdraw from my program.  What should I do?

A. Please contact Social Ecology's Assistant Director of Graduate Student Services.  Additional information is provided by the UCI Registrar, including the Schedule of Refunds.

Q. I already have health insurance coverage through my current employer and/or spouse.  Can I wave the UC Student Health Insurace Plan?

A. Yes.  If you are covered by another health insurance plan that complies with UC’s waiver criteria, then you may apply for a waiver.

Q. I need to verify my employment at the university.  How can I do this?

A. Our campus uses a service called "The Work Number."  For additional questions regarding The Work Number process, please contact Social Ecology's Payroll Analyst