Graduate Student Researchers

GSR Information

Many Social Ecology doctoral students are funded by Graduate Student Researcher Assistantships (GSR). The average GSR position is 50% or 20 hours per week. A summary of useful information, including eligibility requirements and benefits, can be found on the Graduate Division website.

Support levels for GSRs are determined by a myriad of factors, including prior research experience or satisfactory academic progress. Support levels may also change between Schools within UC Irvine. If you have questions regarding your support level, please talk to the relevant Principal Investigator (i.e. faculty member).


If a Social Ecology faculty member plans to hire a graduate student as a researcher, please note that there are separate forms for masters and doctoral students. These forms can be found on the Social Ecology Business and Research Services webpage under Forms and Policies. Individuals must be logged in to access the required forms.


SPRING 2024 GSR Employment Requests Deadline:  February 9, Friday