PhD Alumni Table

This table contains the names of PhD students who graduated from the School of Social Ecology, along with their relevant degree, department, list of committee members, and professional placement if available. We hope that you will find this information useful and informative. All questions regarding the information contained on this page, including requests to "opt-out," can be sent to
Name Program Year Faculty Chair(s) Members Employment Typesort ascending
Powe, Michael Thomas PhD, Planning, Policy, & Design 2010 Kristen Day (Chair) Rodolfo Torres, Scott A. Bollens Government (non-military)
Shields, Joan Marie PhD, Environmental Health, Science, & Policy 2003 Betty H. Olson (Chair) Oladele A. Ogunseitan, Yu-Li Tsai Government (non-military)
Garcia, Robert J. PhD, Psychology & Social Behavior 2016 Nicholas Scurich (Chair) Peter H. Ditto, Elizabeth F. Loftus Government (non-military)
Chern, Eunice Celestine PhD, Environmental Health, Science, & Policy 2007 Oladele A. Ogunseitan (Chair) John M. Whiteley, Kathleen Treseder Government (non-military)
Wandrey, Lindsay Erin PhD, Psychology & Social Behavior 2013 Jodi A. Quas (Chair) Angela F. Lukowski, JoAnn Prause Government (non-military)
Castro, Amy PhD, Psychology & Social Behavior 2021 Jodi A. Quas Nicholas Scurich, Elizabeth Cauffman Government (non-military)
Compin, Nicholas Shawn PhD, Planning, Policy, & Design 1999 Marlon G. Boarnet (Chair) Lois Takahashi, Pete Fielding Government (non-military)
Kent, Erin Elizabeth PhD, Environmental Health, Science, & Policy 2010 Hoda Anton-Culver (Chair) Argyrios Ziogas, Michael J. Montoya Government (non-military)
Gress, Jennifer Elizabeth PhD, Social Ecology 2007 Victoria Basolo (Chair) Daniel Stokols, John M. Whiteley Government (non-military)
Rice, John Andrew PhD, Human Development 2003 Linda J. Levine (Chair) Wendy A. Goldberg, Carol K. Whalen, Roxane Cohen Silver Government (non-military)
Hellsten, James John PhD, Social Ecology 1995 Richard D. McCleary (Chair) Kenneth Chew, John M. Whiteley Government (non-military)
Ituarte, Hector Gabriel PhD, Social Ecology 1995 Karen S. Rook (Chair) Ellen Greenberger, Larry D. Jamner Government (non-military)
Peterson, Andrew Paul PhD, Criminology, Law & Society 2010 Henry N. Pontell (Chair) Gilbert Geis, Paul D. Jesilow Government (non-military)
Mavandadi, Shahrzad PhD, Psychology & Social Behavior 2005 Karen S. Rook (Chair) Susan T. Charles, Jutta Heckhausen Government (non-military)
Noriega, Gabriela Ruth PhD, Environmental Analysis & Design 2011 Lisa Grant Ludwig (Chair) Victoria Basolo, JoAnn Prause Government (non-military)
Choi, Samuel Bongsok PhD, Environmental Health, Science, & Policy 2008 Sunny Jiang (Chair) Betty H. Olson, Oladele A. Ogunseitan Government (non-military)
O'Neil, Robin L. PhD, Social Ecology 1991 Ellen Greenberger (Chair) Wendy A. Goldberg, C. David Dooley Government (non-military)
Ishikawa, Hiroshi John PhD, Planning, Policy, & Design 2017 Scott A. Bollens (Chair) David L. Feldman, Tim-Allen Bruckner Government (non-military)
Bitler, Josephine Angelica PhD, Environmental Health, Science, & Policy 2008 Chad Garner (Chair) Catherine Carpenter, Daniel Stokols Community or 2-Year College
Young, Brandy Kysar PhD, Human Development 2002 Chuansheng Chen (Chair) Peter H. Ditto, Ellen Greenberger Community or 2-Year College
Hayward, Craig Leonard PhD, Human Development 2001 Peter H. Ditto (Chair) Michael Burton, Thomas J. Crawford, Ellen Greenberger Community or 2-Year College
Haddad, Eileen PhD, Psychology & Social Behavior 2012 Chuansheng Chen (Chair) Ellen Greenberger, JoAnn Prause Community or 2-Year College
Lessard, Jared Spencer PhD, Psychology & Social Behavior 2011 Ellen Greenberger (Chair) Chuansheng Chen, Jutta Heckhausen Community or 2-Year College
Hoffman, William Albert PhD, Social Ecology 1994 Mark Baldassare (Chair) Scott A. Bollens, Daniel Stokols Community or 2-Year College
Mersmann, Harry J. PhD, Social Ecology 1996 John D. Dombrink (Chair) James W. Meeker, John Smith Community or 2-Year College